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How to repair plastic that is not weldable with uflex plastic?

In today's post, we will learn about repair methods for non-weldable plastic parts in cars.

CAR BUMPER REPAIR - Making handles part2

Welding and making handles in the front bumper Volkswagen Vento OEM

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Since 1990, Ataszek has been dealing with professional consultancy in the selection of materials joining techniques, and since 2000 also with heat cutting of plastics.

In our store you will find products and ready-made kits that will allow you to solve most problems when connecting the most repetitive joints, and if you start production, the products are also available in large packages, also for dispensers in the case of adhesives and binders for welding in spools of 5 kg and larger. To make it easy to find products, we have divided them by application. In the main categories: welding machines, welders and binders, you will find devices for hot repairs of rigid and flexible materials. These devices will allow for the repair of industrial containers and box-pallets, automotive components such as bumpers, lamps and coolers; for welding flexible materials such as pvc, epdm, pehd and fpo, found on roofs, tarpaulins, banners and insulation films for ground and swimming pools; but also pvc floor coverings - mainly in public facilities such as hospitals, clinics and sports halls.

The next three categories are products related to a variety of adhesives and accessories for their correct application and use. Their use is huge due to the variety of materials. For DIY enthusiasts, we have prepared smaller adhesive packages to be used for personal use or in automotive workshops. Repairs you can do include gluing a bumper, a cracked oil pan, a leaky thread, or a pipe at home. For manufacturing companies, adhesives are already packed in larger packages in convenient disposable cartridges, which minimize errors when mixing employees. It also facilitates storage and control of consumption. This is about adhesives for advertising companies that glue visual elements from stands, showcases, display windows and other exhibition systems to external pylons and aluminum coffers. For continuous production it is important to automate all operations, therefore it is possible to select a dispenser for application for each adhesive to speed up the operation. It is important if a person has to do it, which increases the comfort of work.

The next category are MAP gas burners. These are mainly products for DIY enthusiasts, car repair shops and installers to replace weak propane-butane burners or an uncomfortable acetylene burner. Comfort and efficiency are ensured by the high-calorific MAP gas, which is currently the most efficient gas on the market.

Before the last category, there are stationary or manual heat cutting knives that allow the construction, advertising and stucco company to aesthetically cut polystyrene and other foamed materials, and to trim strings, tapes and belts without fraying. And finally, our training activities. Due to the fact that we have been working on our products for so long, our team includes people who have more knowledge about these products than their producers since 2010. We conduct training in the proper use of adhesives as well as welding and welding of plastics. A training element for everyone are our tutorial videos available for free on the YouTube channel.

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