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Plastic welding wires

We produce plastics welding wires of various shapes, types and colors. All the wires are made from pure unadulterated granulate. When welding, you can be confident about the quality of the final product.

We also make wires and rods on request, we can produce any kind of material in the full range of colors, specially selected for your needs. If you do not find in our offer an appropriate wire, there is no shape, type, or color corresponding to your requirements, please contact us. We will also help to choose the appropriate wires for the specific application, eg. construction of reservoirs or pipes.

Our standard offer contains:

  • Spool rods – for welding industrial components, vinyl flooring and 3D letters (fontplex) made out of PP, PPs, PEHD, PVC (Ø4 and 5,5 mm triangle)
  • Spool wire – for use as links, guides, distances, etc.
  • PVC flooring cord - rollers about 3 kg

If you are looking for cut rods please visit: ATK plastic welding rods.