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UV lamps

The UV lamp is used for curing products responsive to ultraviolet rays in the wavelength range of about 365 nm. The lamp includes housing and one or two fluorescent bulbs, varying dimensions depending on the power. Bulbs are made in Germany, almost 100% of their radiation are UV rays, there is no loss for heat, etc. The lamp has one or two switches on the housing and feet for placing it directly above the glued part. It can also be hung, mounted in any way, or even held in your hand. Life of the bulb: 100% up to 2000 h, 60% up to 5000 h.

Available variants:

1x15W, 2x15W - 40 cm bulb

1x18W, 2x18W - cm bulb

1x30W, 2x30W - 90 cm bulb

1x36W, 2x36W - 120 cm bulb