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Precise pneumatic dispensers

Pneumatic dispensers, which provide appropriate, predetermined portion are ideal when you want to dispense precisely measured amounts of a product. A portion from the dispenser lower by 0.2 ml saves more than 1.5 l of the product within one month as compared to manual dosing (assuming dosing of one portion per minute).

There are many versions of series 2004 dispensers available - to dispense with the tubes, ready-made cartridges or bulk containers. Activation can be done depending on the dispenser by pushing the pedal or time dosing.

The advantages of using precision dispensers:

  • automated liquid and pasty products dispensing
  • save a great deal of time compared to manual dispensing
  • perfectly groomed portion of the product (high product savings)
  • a lot of applications - anaerobic and cyanoacrylate adhesives, silicone, grease, flux, two component products etc.
  • continuous dosing or designated portions

Characteristics of series 2004 industrial pneumatic dispensers:

  • function protecting dripping between dosings (ie. reverse thrust)
  • dosing by pedal or timed (select models)
  • strong and stable construction
  • stable dispensing parameters (continuous operation for 24 hours a day without any deviations from the set portion)
  • NORGREN, US MAC, and Japanese Omron components used
  • opportunity to establish a robotic dispenser in the future

General specifications
Switch Foot pedal, hand switch
Certificate CE
Frequency > 600 cycles a minute
Pressure 5 bar (1bar =1.01972kg/cm² =14.5038psi)
Voltage 110/220 V
Working temperature 0-40°C
Operating humidity 20-90%
Weight 3-3,5 kg