Dispensing robots

Dispenser robots are used for precise application of products everywhere where speed and accuracy counts. Robot in comparison to other solutions saves time and effort while increasing the quality and production capacity.

Dispenser robots are available in many versions - for dispensing from tubes, cartridges, bulk containers, with one or two work surfaces, integrated computer systems, cartesian and others, so that you can fine-tune it to your requirements.

Dispensing robots application:

  • application on complex elements (many arcs, curves, etc.).
  • high repeatability of the elements (e.g., glue application on the surface of the metered portions to a few hundred units or more per day)
  • bottling the product in smaller packaging, eg. small tubes, cartridges, promotional packaging, etc.

Characteristics of industrial dispensing robots:

  • arms / cranes move through solutions and dual rail from CPC company, a global leader of such solutions perfecting products since 1990
  • drive motors with brakes for quick and accurate movement of the arms
  • and guide frame profiles made of 6063 aluminum
  • belts are German production
  • power switches are the same as those used in military equipment
  • fastening screws made of stainless steel
  • before the delivery each dispenser and robot is controlled by seven days without a break

Technical data
Certificate CE
Maximal XY/Z axle load 10/3 kg
XY/Z axle speed 0.1-800/350 mm
Accuracy 0,02 mm
Drive Precise step motor
Input / output signals 4 input, 4 output
Operating humidity 20-90%
Workin temperature 0-40°C
Voltage 110/220 V
Weight 34-45 kg