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The basic model of the torch, no-frills, proves itself in most work where you need a reliable burner with good performance.


  • soft and hard soldering of copper pipes up to 28 mm
  • surface activation
  • combining aluminum with alu2000 rod (small and medium surfaces)
  • smoothing the surface of plexiglass and polycarbonate and other plastics
  • heating materials (eg. unscrew the screws, fasteners, etc.)
  • other metals soldering with flux or without


Second burner in terms of performance (RTM-3 is the most efficient) so you can quickly warm up large areas after with a "hit" of large amount of heat, the element can be heated 2.5-3 times faster than a single burner.


  • soft and hard soldering (eg. 40 mm copper pipes and larger)
  • surface heating
  • paint and other coatings removal
  • unscrewing screws, bolts, etc.
  • loosening nuts, bearing slots
  • bending materials as plastics, metals, etc.
  • melting and liquefaction of low-temperature metals
  • burning and annealing
  • repair of aluminum rims, radiators, air conditioning, fuel tanks and other construction elements


The most efficient burner available with three nozzles outlet. This allows you to do every possible job, regardless of the desired temperature.


  • brazing regardless of wire temperature - even those that are high-temperature and so far carried out only acetylene torches (thick-walled copper tubes with diameters of 50, 60 mm and larger) and steel rods
  • repair and regeneration alloy rims of all sizes and types with Alu2000 and derivatives
  • soft soldering small, large and very large surface
  • annealing, heating, bending and breaking up large items
  • melting, liquefaction and burning
  • unscrewing and loosening thread, pins, bearings etc.


MAP gas burner with built-in piezo igniter. Universal model for various jobs: domestic, hobby and semi-professional.


  • hard and soft soldering
  • surface heating
  • paint and other coatings removal
  • firing up the grill, fireplaces, pellet stoves etc.
  • soldering aluminum with Alu2000 wire and derivatives
  • smoothing the surface of materials (rounding pmma and pc)
  • bending plastic and other materials


A single burner with hose ideally suited to work longer and in difficult to reach access. Thanks to its long hose the gas bottle can be put aside or clipped to a belt which allows much easier to maneuver the torch.


  • all soft solders
  • hard solders up to 28mm
  • joining aluminum parts with Alu2000
  • smoothing and fusion bond surface of plastics and other materials
  • heating of materials
  • other metals soldering with flux or without


RTM MAPP PRO is a professional, clean gas with a high calorific value, so that any heating of the material takes place much faster than propane butane and even technical propane. The biggest advantage of this gas is also its purity, and therefore all the repair work, such as soldering is performed directly at the connection and do not need extra clean, and the joint is made stronger than with other gases.

Ideal for soldering and brazing using wires with flux and without as well as a special variety of rods for aluminum which is Alu2000. 399g cylinder lasts for more than 3 hours depending on the burner nozzle. The cylinder is impaled with a gas under a pressure of 30 atmospheres which makes it more efficient than the similar bottles a lower pressure. You can work in sub-zero temperatures up to minus 20 degrees C.


A binder in the form of a 45 cm rod with diameter of approx. 3 mm to attach elements of aluminum, duralumin, and as the only on aluminum with high magnesium content.


  • repairs of standard and the air conditioning coolers
  • repair of cracked fittings, eg. the engine, sumps etc.
  • recreating broken threads on the sleeves, nuts and aluminum bolts
  • repairs of external mirrors and wipers mechanisms
  • repairs of broken bodies, motors, heads, manifolds, etc.
  • casting missing items
  • repairs of aluminum rims
  • repair pits after casting

Tensile strength 47 000 kg/m2
Compressive strength 75 000 kg/m2
Shear strength 34 000 kg/m2
linear expansion coefficient 15.4x10-6/K
Melting temperature 380°C


The electrode in the form of a slightly flexible wire / rod used for aluminum and aluminum alloy. Smoother version of Alu2000. Used to connect two separate surfaces, priming cracks and holes, and reconstruct missing parts. This is suitable for medium and thin walls.


Alu2100 binder with the addition of a flux in the form of semi-elastic rod for aluminum and aluminum alloys. Version less fluid, recommended for vertical and sloped surfaces, used to thin walls and potting holes.


Alu2200 binder with the addition of a flux in the form of semi-elastic rod for aluminum and aluminum alloys. Version more fluid, recommended for horizontal surfaces, very thin walls, sealing and caulking and priming micropores.