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Silicones and masses hand guns

SManual caulking gun is an essential tool for dispensing of products from tubes and rigid and soft cartridges. We offer guns of high quality and durability for smooth extrusion of even high density products.

Manual guns features:

  • high gear ratio - low force required to extrude the product
  • reinforced pushing bars
  • all-metal construction (guns for large cartridges)
  • simple, robust, maintenance-free design
  • tested resistance at 10000 squeezes

1:1 400 ml cartridge gun

10:1 400 and 490 ml cartridge gun

400 ml rigid and 600 ml soft cartridge gun

400 ml rigid cartridge gun

50 ml universal cartridge gun

30 ml tubes gun

Tubes and masses cordless caulking guns

Cordless caulking guns allow operation without connecting additional cables, giving high mobility while significantly reducing the force required to work. Equipped with a powerful lithium-ion batteries that charge very quickly and allow for long-term work - one charge is enough for a few to several cycles.

Cordless guns features:

  • squeezing force up to 450 kg.
  • infinitely adjustable piston pressure
  • extrusion speed control
  • LED lighting up extrusion spot
  • trigger lock
  • automatic retraction of the plunger after squeezing out a portion (the product does not drip from the nozzle)
  • overload protection
  • strong and stable construction

1:1 and 2:1 400 ml cartridge gun

10:1 400 and 490 ml cartridge gun

Chemical anchors gun

310 ml rigid cartridge gun

400 ml soft and 310 ml rigid cartridge gun

600 ml soft and rigid cartridge gun

Pneumatic glue guns

Pneumatic caulking guns are designed for the professional production extrusion of masses, adhesives and resins where precision, ease of use and reliability counts. Thanks to them very accurately small amounts of adhesives can be dosed over a long period of time without fatigue employed, even when several cartridges are used per day. Dedicated use, in particular, on production lines where they have a significant effect on increasing the efficiency, speed and capacity.

Pneumatic guns features:

  • maximal pressure 8 bar
  • work pressure 3-5 bar
  • extrusion power regulator
  • automatic piston reverse to prevent material from dripping

310 ml rigid cartridge gun

600 ml soft cartridge gun