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Equipment for many applications because of its high power and efficiency, a large number of interchangeable nozzles allows to point the air in the right direction. Designed for professional work where you will be working non-stop as well as for smaller jobs where you need a solid and reliable equipment. Ability to handle outside and in low temperatures increases the scope of work and allows to carry out repairs even in winter such as welding tarpaulins, welding damaged pipes and industrial containers, etc.

  • plastics welding in workshops, industry, service shops, etc.
  • welding tarpaulins not depending on the thickness
  • welding banners of any type and those thin "Chinese" ones and coated ones with a thick layer of lacquer
  • welding roofing membranes including ones with a bitumen layer
  • welding foil - ground, garden, etc.
  • welding floor coverings - PVC, TPO and derivatives
  • bending and molding plastics
  • glue activation
  • drying of various materials
  • removing old surface coatings
  • soft soldering
  • shrinking heat shrinkable tubing
  • many other applications

Power 1600W/230V
Performance up to 280 l/min
Length 35 cm
Temperature do 700°C
Weight 1,2 kg


The ideal equipment for long work due to the separation of the air blower from the heating system; in hand we hold the handle with a weight of only 350g. The blower can be mounted over the working position, lying or hanging at the working table or can be clipped to a belt. The equipment does not restrict our movements and can be used to weld even in narrow spaces. The large number of available nozzles allows a lot of customization possibilities.

  • plastics welding in workshops, industry, service shops, etc.
  • shrinking and heating surfaces

Power 1600W/230V
Performance to 180 l/min.
Tube length 2,5 m
Temperature 20-600°C
Total weight 1,8 kg


Very handy and convenient device for continuous work in production lines and workshop services. It requires the use of an external blower which is the source of air. Low weight and very long wire increases mobility and ergonomics. Temperature is controlled by potentiometer which in combination with a display provides high accuracy and precision. The device is protected against the risk of burns by a cooled protective tube.

  • plastics welding
  • surface heating
  • drying
  • plastics shrinking

Power 1600W/230V
Performance to 180 l/min.
Tube length 3 m
Temperature 20-600°C
Handle weight 350 g


Very powerful machine proves itself in all applications requiring large amounts of warm air. Mainly used for welding roofing membranes - where it can replace a machine, shrinking film and heat shrinkable tubings, heat the surface before manufacturing processes and assembly on production lines, thanks to adaptation to continuous operation.

  • welding thick tarpaulins and banners
  • welding roofing membranes
  • shrinking and heating

Power 3400W/230V
Pressure 3000 Pa
Air outlet 48 mm
Temperature 20-650°C
Weight 1,3 kg

Bosite 5001

The best extruder available on the market with modular design that is as efficient and also has an independent regulation of mass and air temperature. We can make it all work in the polypropylene (PP) and polyethylene (PE) with the exception of PVC. We can weld containers made of boards, parts out of tubes and caulk construction films.

  • welding hard plastics up to 4mm thickness made out of PP i PE (hdpe)
  • welding pipes eg. sever pipes made out of plastics and their isolations
  • welding industrial tanks as a septic, drip, rainwater tanks etc.
  • welding and sealing geomembrane/construction foil after welding

Power 4400W/230V
Exhaust 500 l/min
Mass temperature 400°C
Exhaust temperature 600°C
Weight 6,5 kg