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Bosite 7001

Welding machine for joining the surface film and not only in places where we can lead it on a relatively hard surface, eg. hard wool insulation, roof, etc. Welds materials even a few millimeter thick. In the case of the welding of thin membranes of less than 1 mm, it is recommended to dismantle the load.

  • welding surface and roof membranes made out of PVC i TPO
  • welding thick tarpaulin and their reinforcements
  • welding foil with a layer of modified bitumen
  • welding other materials and elastic films made of heat-sealable fabric

Power 4200W
Welding speed up to 10 m/min
Seal width 40 mm
Temperature 20-620ºC
Weight with load 37 kg

Bosite Plan/Roof

Self-propelled welding machine for elastic materials made from plastics as PVC, TPO, EVA and derivatives. It has a smooth adjustment of speed and temperature, and digital indicators of set and current values.

  • welding banners, foils, tarpaulins
  • welding membranes and geomembranes (additional load recommended)

Power 2800W
Welding speed 0,8-10,2 m/min
Seal width 30/40 mm
Temperature 20-620ºC
Weight 13 kg

Bosite F1/F2/800

Unique welding machines, which combines heat wedge sealing with ease of use and high speed at such low weight. With the wedge heating technology it can combine all of the membrane and films and the seal is uniform and tight all over its entire length. With one welding machine we can weld films, membranes as building insulation, damp, wind, etc.

  • welding PE (PEHD i PELD), PP, PVC, EVA, TPO geomembrane
  • sealing films and earth, insulation and coating membranes out of PP, PVC, PELD, EVA, TPO etc. in insulation, drainage tunnels
  • making vapor barriers of synthetic membranes
  • welding tunnel and surface foil (eg. greenhouses, tents, covers ...)
  • joining other types of films in civil engineering, insulation, seals, etc.

Power 1580/550/700W
Welding speed to 4,5/5,5/5,5 m/min
Seal width 2 x 16/2 x 15/2 x 12,5 mm
Temperature to 500/450/450°C
Weight 8,8/8,8/5 kg