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AT 951

Very efficient plastic box-welder, successor to the 950 model, the most powerful among the stationary welding boxes. Ideally suited as a supplement to manual welding workshop service and car services or as a stand-alone device to work with medium intensity. It has a very long air hose, about half longer than the standard hoses used in box-welders which significantly increases the mobility and comfort. It has an automatic cool down function after switching off.

  • smooth temperature and exhaust control
  • air pump located in controller

Efficiency to 45 l/min.
Hose length 1,45 m
Temperature to 500°C
Size 160x95x145 mm

AT 852

The ideal model for home use, high value for money device, through which we can repair damaged components in-house. Quiet and handy model with a display that can handle all elements out of thermoplastic plastics, not only in the automotive industry - bumpers, lights, deflectors on bikes, grills, etc. but even furniture or hardware appliances. Importantly, this model has an additional surge protection and automatic cooling of the device so that they do not burn out the heater.

  • temperature display
  • air pump located in controller

Efficiency 30 l/min.
Hose length 1 m
Temperature do 500°C

AT 3000

Very strong welder for semi-professional uses, home, hobbies, etc. It is a device that has high performance and temperature (650°C) so you can weld repaired parts very quickly, bend hot items from plastic, and even weld tarpaulins, banners, foils etc. As one of the few of this type has an extra air filter from both sides, so even in places with slight dust it can work without the risk of damage to the engine. Importantly the angle grip allows to perform a convenient the repair in many places.

  • stepless temperature control
  • two exhaust stages
  • digital display

Power 2000W/230V
Exhaust to 500 l/min.
Temperature 70-650°C
Outlet 35 mm

AT 3500

Improved successor of AT-3000 model. Excellent choice to work with light and moderate intensity. It has a protective tube and shield for your hand so that provides a high level of safety. It has extensive facilities - display and adjusted exhaust temperature what gives ample opportunities to adjust operating parameters.

  • digital display
  • temperature control
  • 5-stage exhaust

Power 2000W/230V
Exhaust to 500 l/min.
Temperature 70-650°C
Outlet 35 mm

AT 500

An economic model for manual hot air welding. Successor of 8032 series welder at the same time it is much more efficient thanks to a more powerful engine. The ideal choice for homework, hobby workshops or as a supplement to more powerful devices for small works of lesser intensity in the workshop services. Pistol design allows for comfortable use and easy control of the air stream.

  • temperature control
  • two exhaust stages

Power 500W/230V
Exhaust to 300 l/min
Temperature to 450°C
Cord 1,6 m
Outlet 15 mm

AT 8032

The ideal model for home use. The simplest model, witch witch we can automotive parts, motorcycle or quad cracked fairing etc. and all household goods. The upside is that we keep everything in hand and do not have to worry about a short biding with a separate controller, which is why we have easy access to even hard to reach places.

  • temperature control
  • exhaust control

Exhaust 30 l/min
Temperature to 450°C
Cord 1,5 m
Regulations Temperature and exhaust

Plastic hot stapler SP#2

Hot stapler accelerates repairs by initial combining the two separate surfaces, so you do not need other tools or even other people to help, it is especially useful when repairing small components eg. handles lamps and very large eg. bumper cracks. Until now, you had to use tape, attach clamps or clip the welded element, with the help stitch enough to melt a few staples to level the cracked surfaces and quickly proceed with the repair.

  • pre-assembly of plastics before welding or gluing
  • replaces straps, clamps, clips, pliers, screws, carpentry and other methods of fixing the broken element

Voltage 230V
Controller cable length 3 m
Power control 3 stages
Size 40x19x19 cm
Weight 4 kg

Hot Iron plastic welder

Hot Iron is a inovative plastic welding machine. Used to repair plastics which are difficult or impossible to weld with a U-Flex binder and repair parts made of PUR. It is also possible to press-weld all other materials as an alternative to welding so that you can work as well in a situation where we can not use eg. hot air.

  • smooth power control
  • durable copper nozzles
  • low weight
  • silent operation

Power 100W/230V
Maximal load 500W
Controller cable 1,2 m
Power cord 1,5 m

SP-2 gas welder

The only plastic welder requiring no external power supply, so that we can use it in the "field" without access to electricity or even a generator. The only device so light and handy without additional cables so we can use it in hard to reach places. Very often used as a second auxiliary welder in a workshop or at a service point with Bosite-D or Bosite-S model.

  • welding plastics up to 4-5 mm thick
  • no components needing external power supply
  • smooth temperature control
  • for workshop, hobby and home use

ATTENTION! Gas welder SP-2 was withdrawn from production. As a replacement we offer AT951 welder.

Weight 230 g
Length 25 cm
Temperature to 700°C