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AT1200-2100-3300 air heaters

Air heaters designed for assembly on production lines and manual application as required. Designed for continuous work 24h. a day/7 days a week/365 days a year. Through separating the blowers outside heaters are lighter and more portable, indispensable wherever you need warm / hot air.


  • surface softening
  • sterilization and decontamination
  • cleaning and blowing
  • melting and surface activation
  • bending and molding (e. plastic)
  • drying (surface, vessels, containers, etc.).
  • shrinking (foil, plastic sleeves, heat shrinkable tubing, labels, packaging)
  • finishing - smoothing and polishing eg. plastics and other coatings
  • heating surfaces and other coatings (eg. in front of another production process - encouraging adhesives)
  • accelerating processes by increasing the temperature of the product or surface (eg. adhesives annealing)

Used in industries:

  • food - shrink labels, blowing etc. processes
  • automotive - preheating the surface and curing adhesives
  • furniture - curing adhesives, shrinking pallets
  • medical - sterilization
  • electrical and electronic - shrinking tubes
  • chemical and plastics processing (heating surfaces and moldings and castings)
  • construction - shrinking pallets, preventing too rapid cooling

Heater properties:

  • simple and reliable design
  • easy installation on the production line or for manual use thanks to mounting holes
  • no complicated and unreliable electronics
  • easy and quick change of temperatures from 20 to 650 degrees
  • 36 mm outlet (nozzle assumption possibility)
  • 19.5 mm air inlet
  • low operating costs

Model Power Efficiency
AT1200 2100W 200 l/min
AT2100 2100W 250 l/min
AT3300 3300W 300 l/min

PO air blowers/pumps

High pressure blowers (suction pumps) are used in many applications. They are characterized by high performance with low power consumption (up to several dozen percent more efficient compared to similar structures). It can work in all conditions, even at court, and in the case of dusty need is a filter or an additional supply of fresh air from outside. The pump is oil-free and therefore blown air is clean in most cases it does not need to be additionally filtered.


  • supply air heaters and external welders
  • equipment and surface cooling
  • purging and cleaning
  • aeration
  • air exchange, providing fresh


  • oil-free
  • maintenance-free
  • high air pressure witch low powers consumption
  • work even under difficult conditions
  • elements of the cylinders and pistons coated with a special coating which reduces friction at the same time lower power consumption and higher performance