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Standard degreasers

Used to clean and degrease surfaces before bonding, welding, welding, painting, gluing and other processes. Cleaned surface does not contain fat and other contaminants and thereby obtain the optimum conditions for carrying out these procedures in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.

Available variants:

Degreaser based on isopropanol: for metals (also with topcoats), plastic (rigid and foam), rubber, composites, laminates, etc. Not affect virtually any surface.

Degreaser based on acetone: strong degreaser for metals, glass, rubber, minerals and plastics (after inspection)

AP degreasers

A series of special, easy to use surface degreasers, where the base is isopropyl alcohol. Designed for cleaning, degreasing surfaces prior to bonding with Acralock adhesive, in addition to the preparation of the surface increases the durability and strength of the resulting bond.

Available variants:

AP-1: for metal surfaces especially for galvanized metals, high gloss stainless steel

AP-2: to plastic surfaces (except pure pp, pe and pom)

AP-3: for glass surfaces


A primer is used to increase adhesion of the adhesive and thereby increase the strength of the glued connections.

Available variants:

8154: for bonding polypropylene (PP)

P200: for plastics

Primer do PP i PE: dedicated to MEGAfix adhesive