About us

We are a Polish company with many years of experience, we exist since 1990.

Ataszek company has existed since 1990. Since the beginning of the head office is located in Poznan. Initially we were in different locations, out from mid-2011 all the offices, warehouse and production department are located on the Głuchowska street. Currently, most of the products sold are produced by us or on our behalf directly to the customer's requirements.

The products, which we can be proud of as the exclusive distributor for Poland are Bosite, RTM and Acralock.

Our offer is addressed to everyone, both the companies, workshops, service points and the individuals. We will help you to choose the right product to the desired application and we will do the necessary tests.

We provide:

  • High quality specialized products
  • Warranty and after warranty service
  • Expert advice on the selection and use of our products
  • Professional training
  • Equipment rental possibility